Mount Moosilauke

Waking up in the Beaver Brook parking lot with the saint at about  7am on Sunday with the sun in our faces and the mountain looming over us was about as delightful a scene as I could ask for. We had coffee and oatmeal off of the camp stove. Ready to go we gave a final stretch and started up the trail.


The Trail was busy with people looking to have a day in the mountains. The cascades on this trail are well known and a delight to take in first hand. There was at least a mile of these wonderful waterways that made it difficult to start hiking at any faster rate.


This trail is steep for a bit during the cascades and it is extremely beautiful and scenic the whole way. After a short distance. (About a mile.) There is a shelter where we got an amazing view.

From there it was smoothing hiking all the way up the top. The trail curved around Jobildunc ravine and we got some great picks from the rocks of Mt Blue.


There were a good amount of people at the top. We stayed for a quick lunch and took some great photos. It was a perfect afternoon to summit.

DSC_0073 DSC_0082 DSC_0093 DSC_0094 DSC_0097

We went the same way back to the car but we also got to see some sweet waterfalls again so I was not complaining.

I would definitely recommend this hike to anyone that is looking for a challenging hike with a great pay off at the top.

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