Cannon Mountain Via Kinsman Ridge Trail (Out&Back)


Start 9:00 AM / Finish 1:30 PM

We started out in the very cold parking lot of the Tram. It was not running today. There was a wonderful lady with her dog who had met us in the parking lot. She had hoped to get a sunrise view, she did not get it. It was very much over cast as we started out. The trail was a bit wet at the bottom. I put on a rain jacket and put my pack cover on as a precaution. Right from the beginning we started wearing snowshoes, and we would keep them on the rest of the day. I would put the temps at around 30F for the afternoon. Once up on the false summit we enjoyed nearly no wind though it was still overcast we were able to get some below the cloud views of the notch. The trail on to the Kinsmans seemed well traveled and I doubt anyone would have a problem ridge hopping.




We were able to make good time down the mountain. On the way down we saw a group of folks putting on crampons for an icy section. This might be an option for some people, but I feel the snowshoes got the job done well.

Though I saw another hiker with her dog I would not recommend this hike for dogs unless they are very well accustomed to hiking. It is still a lot like winter in the Whites. I would pack like you are going out for a winter hike just to play it safe, if you are the type to do so.




Great day even with the overcast. It was great to make it out and I would recommend getting out if you have the right gear to get the job done. Have a great time out there and please leave comments and your trail reports at


Please see the video report of this @

Cannon Mountain








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