Eisenhower/Pierce Loop- Trail Report

Location: Edmonds Path, Crawford Path


Start/Finish Time 9:30pm/2:00am

Total miles: 8

Weather: Periods of rain and sleet. 

Comments: This was my first night hike. I attempted it with my good friend Jason Beaupre. We summit-ed before midnight and as we did a mixture of snow and rain hit us for about 10 minutes and it got very cold during this time. Once on Pierce it calmed down. We were able to bare boot it the whole way as the monorail was stable and we were able to step lightly. Edmonds path is lovely but Crawford is snow most of the way so I would plan for that based on your own level of hiking. During the day this is going to be a mess for sure. Especially with all the rain this weekend. 

Trail Cautions: Both paths are looking very good for this time of year. 

Dog Notes: I would recommend taking extra care with a dog if you chose to bring it out for a night hike. 

Difficulty: Difficult. Between the night hike and the sleet and rain this was a good test of endurance. Great times though!

View Rating: Poor. It was night time so I don’t expect much. Check out what I could grab here

DSC_0063 DSC_0065


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