Webster/Jackson Loop- Trip Report

Location: Webster-Jackson Trail, Webster Trail, Webster Cliff Trail, Jackson Trail


Date: 05/03/14

Start/Finish Time: 2:00pm/6:00pm

Total miles: 6.3

Weather: Slight rain and overcast

Comments: The trails were very good until the Jackson/Webster Split. Webster side was still a bit snow filled but very unstable. Jackson side on the way down got very icy for about a quarter of a mile. I recommend micro spikes for this part of the hike. It is always about personal comfort though while you are out there.

Trail Cautions: Though there are some down trees it is the running water in the spring to keep an eye out for, as for now though is smooth sailing. Try and brush anything small aside to aide in your decent. 

Dog Notes: Dogs would have had little to no problems with any of the terrain out on the trails today.

Difficulty: Moderate. (Steep and Steady)

View Rating: There are lots of wonderful sights on this trail as you can see for yourself Here. I had a blast and met some very nice and helpful people on the trails as always. Great Day!


Screenshot 2014-05-04 17.43.29

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