North Kinsman- Trip Report


Location: Mt. Kinsman Trail

Date: 05/11/14

Start/Finish Time: 9:30AM/4:00PM

Total miles: 8.6

Weather: Early morning rain. Afternoon was overcast with spots of sun.

Comments: This hike was Abby’s first of the year so we were taking our time and taking in the sights. We had our dog Patton with us too. The weather was causing us to limit ourselves and our pace. The trail was great to start out but around 3000ft the ice became very slick and it was slow going. Micro spikes were a must. It was very wet in the morning, but it had dried up a bit above us by noon. We stopped up to Bald Peak on the way and we were treated to a great set of sights and there is also a camp site up there if anyone is so inclined to stay the night on the open peak, Once we got to the top of North Kinsman we realized our time was running long and we should cut our hike short of the two Kinsman’s. Another day for that hike. We stayed for a bit a top the mountain and made our way slowly down the mountain on the Mt. Kinsman trail with our minds on a trip to Woodstock Brewery for Abby’s birthday. It was fantastic and I highly recommend watching a playoff Bruins game from the bar.


Trail Cautions: The ice is the biggest problem right now. Bring spikes, or be ready to move slow.

Dog Notes: Many water crossings on this trail might prove difficult in the next few weeks, but they were not an issue today. General Patton had a great time and was in great spirits the whole day.

Difficulty: Very Difficult with the ice and unstable trail. 

View Rating: Once we were on the outlook of North Kinsman it was amazing. Bald Peak is also highly recommended for its wonderful perspective of the Kinsman range. Great day for a hike and always great to get out with Abby and Patton. 

Collected Pictures


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