NH Hiking Cards

NH Hiker card

Recently approved hiker cards allow hikers who are lost and require rescue to offset the cost of a potential search and rescue. Though this will help raise money for the search and rescue program, but does it also promote irresponsible hiking? Would you get yourself a hiker card? What do you all think about this?


2 thoughts on “NH Hiking Cards

  1. I’m guessing the truly irresponsible hikers will not buy this card. Those who do will likely be the folks who want to support the SAR programs and those who are responsible enough to know they might run into trouble out there.
    If they put the money directly into SAR support I think this fine, but if they siphon it off into a general fund and leave the teams under funded it spells trouble. Even without being irresponsible folks carrying a card like this are probably more likely to call for help than self rescue in some events. SAR teams are going to need to be prepared for more work I’d guess.

    • It says in the article that all but $3 goes to the search and rescue efforts. I agree with you on that the responsible hikers are the moist likely to purchase the cards in the first place.

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