Garfield- Trip Report (Out&Back)


Location: Garfield Trail

Date: 05/24/2014

Start/Finish Time 8:00AM/3:00PM

Total miles: 10 Miles

Weather: Warm.Scattered showers with brief periods of sun. 

Comments: Abby, Patton, and I made out Friday night to spend the night out and get started early in the morning. We did not sleep much but away we went at about 8 AM. The trail was lovely on the way up and we made great time to the trail junction right before the summit. At this point we had to take our time as there was still some ice build up on the steep parts of the Garfield trail. The Garfield Ridge trail as I was told did not have as much of this ice build up. We were able to bare boot this last section though we had to take our time. Once on the top as if almost magically the clouds broke and the sun came out. We enjoyed about an hour of wonderful vies and conversations with the many others on the summit with us. Once we started to descend the clouds rolled back in and it started raining. An umbrella is your best friend this time of year.


Trail Cautions: Just the ice the last .02 of the Garfield trail.

Lost/Found: Someones sun glasses were on the trail head sign. 

Dog Notes: Patton had a wonderful time on this hike. There were plenty of places for him to get water as well. 

Difficulty: Moderate. Though it is a long hike mile wise the 10 miles go by easily with a smooth gently grade. The hard part is the steep grade at the end after the junction. 

View Rating: 9 With a little overcast you still can’t complain about catching views of the pemi loop like this. Check out our photos Here.


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