Cannon – Trip Report

Location: Lonesome Lake Trail/Dodge cutoff/Hi-Cannon
Start/Finish Time 6:00AM/9:30AM
Total miles:6.2
Weather:Cloudy and spotted rain
Comments: Leaving work Saturday I stopped home and grabbed General Patton and drove North. We had plans of a sunrise hike but waking up at 3 proved to be quite dreary and I went back to sleep till about 5:30. Started hiking at 6 with the intentions of doing a 10 mile hike of the Kinsmans. Moe was playing Hampton beach and I had tickets so I wanted to get the hike done by 10 in order to be home around noon. I was making great time around the hut at lonesome lake and in the Kinsman trail when I started to think to myself “This looks like the last time I hiked this mountain.” Then I started to look up when I had done the Kinsmans last. Sure as hell I had done them May, 5 2013. Damn… Oh well Lets get Cannon for May I decided. With that notion I made my way back past the hut and took the long way around the lake to the Dodge cut off and Hi-Cannon trail. At this point it had started to spit a bit at me and I had to dress for the rain. With the detour we had still made good time and were on the tower by about 8:00 AM. Not a great picture day but a great wake up hike. Made it home by 11:00 AM and got in a nap before getting to the beach to watch moe. do what they do best at the Casino. It was a great day.

DSC_0047DSC_0050 DSC_0054

Cautions: Water pools at the top made for some good rock hopping but nothing to worry about. The tower was roped off to help vegetation and those area’s should be avoided. These trails are in great shape.

Dog Notes: This hike is rocky and steep. Not all dogs are going to do well here. There is a ladder about a mile and a half into the hike that is very difficult for dogs. I had to carry General Patton by his pack strap up the whole way. Very tiring for some folks to do something like that. Keep this in mind when bringing your dog.


Difficulty: Moderate/Difficult
View Rating: 2 Fog and rain make for bad views. Someday I will get some good shots from Cannon… Here are what I could get.

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