Carrigain – Trip Report

Location: Signal Ridge Trail (Out & Back)

Date: 6/22/2014

Start/Finish Time: 9:00 AM – 3:30 PM 6.5 HRS

Total miles: 10 Miles

Weather: Clear and Sunny mid 60’s Windy on summit.

Comments: Abby, Patton and I had a wonderful night at the Sugarloaf campground. I woke up and started a fire while Abby put together breakfast. I packed up camp and away we went. I had orgionally planned on hiking the Willey range with Abby, but once again when I drove past the Highland center it was noticeably packed and I figured that Carrigain might be less crowded. I was right in this thinking as there were only 6 or so cars in the parking lot. We got our back packs and started right away. The trail is pretty strait forward but oh my the bugs! They were terrible even on the summit. They ate at Patton real bad and he was whining. This made for a very hurried hike but it was still so very beautiful so I can not complain one bit. The trails are in great shape and there is only 1 water crossing and it is not a problem at all. Here are some summit views.

DSC_0094 DSC_0101 DSC_0102 DSC_0103 DSC_0093

Camping: One thing that can be said about this hike is that there is plenty of choice camping spots on the way up. I met a couple different groups that ha spent the night. If you can take the bugs I bet you would have a great time. A couple spots I saw right before the trail crossing about a mile and a half into the hike. There are also spots above the false summit just before the observation platform on Carrigain. Get out and enjoy them!

DSC_0080 DSC_0081

Trail Cautions: Only the bugs. Take spray if you have a problem with insects because you will encounter a lot of them!

Dog Notes: Patton loved this trail, but he did not like the platform I just left him below for a few moments while I snapped some pictures. There are a lot of dogs out on the trails right now so please be responsible for your dogs. 

Difficulty: 7/10 Steep and long this hike can be a bit difficult for some. 

View Rating: 8/10 Great views but they were hindered by the bugs. Just be ready for them.  Not too many pictures on this hike but he rest are HERE.


2 thoughts on “Carrigain – Trip Report

  1. But how were the bugs? 🙂 Was thinking I may try the Grafton Loop later this week but now you’ve got me creeped out and swatting imaginary bugs here in my office heh.

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