Cannon – Trip Report

Date: 07/20/14
Time: 5:30 PM – 11:00 PM
Trails: Kinsman Ridge Trail
Miles: 4
Weather: Partly Cloudy. 70’s at base. Cooler on top.
Trail Log: It was a busy weekend for me and I was able to get most of the things so when I found myself with a free evening I decided that it would be best spent hiking. What better way to finish out the weekend then a sunset on Cannon? Load up the bag grab Abby and Patton along with out roommate and away we went. With a couple of stops along the way we got to the trail head around 5. The weather looked like it would be perfect for this kind of adventure.
There are many great views to be had along the trail and we took time to take them in, but there was a fast pace to the top in order to see the views along the ridge.


One of the very best things about this trail is the ridge walk. Such a great line of sights. We took a short break at the first outlook at the top of the ridge. The whole of the notch opened right up for us.



The ridge walk was amazing with the light of the sun projecting the shadow of the Kinsman range onto the mountains across the notch. It was an eye full of New Hampshire at its finest.


Onward to the summit and the sunset. We made great time as we got to the top with about 20 minutes to spare. We brought up some Iron Mike’s pale ales from Moat Mt. brewery. They were a great addition to the night. Patton got a bit whiney so we put a cookie in him lip to give him a goofy look. I think it worked. image

I must say it felt great to have the sunset there on Cannon. We shared the time with another hiker who had met us up there, it was a pleasure.




We made our way down carefully in the dark. We finished the hike around 10. Great hiking in the dark I feel we are all starting to take to it very well. Patton did great as well with the darkness. We were back home by about 12:30. I considered it a great hike.

Dog Notes: Patton had a great time but was cold on the top. This limited my time to relax so keep this in mind if you plan on doing the same. This way is better for dogs in my opinion than the hi cannon trail because of the ladder on that trail which can be difficult for some dogs.

For the rest of the pictures check here.

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