Jackson, Pierce – Trip Report

Webster-Jackson Trail, Webster Cliff trail, Crawford Path
8 Miles

This is our new dog Lucy Crawford. She is an Australian Shepherd mix.


Meet Lucy Crawford. This is her first 4000 footer hike!

She was a rescue do from Georgia just like General Patton. We have had her for about three weeks now. Today we decided that it was to be her first hike. Waking up around 4:30 and hitting the road around 5 we made our way to Crawford notch to show Lucy the origins of her name. Lucy Crawford was the wife of Ethan Crawford who with his father Abel Crawford made the first trail to the Summit of mount Washington called the Crawford path. It is the oldest maintained trail in the country. The history of the family in the white mountains were recorded by Lucy Crawford and published in what was one of the first histories on the subject. It is a great book and I recommend it. Abby and I enjoyed the prospect of naming our second dog after her so when we adopted another we went with the historic name. When we arrived it was around 8 and I fed the dogs breakfast while Abby packed the bags for the day ahead.

The Webster-Jackson trail is a great trail to get a new dog started. There is just enough difference in terrain over a short distance to test the abilities of a new hiking dog just make sure you always have control of your dog when going over wet or difficult terrain. If there are problems with the dog and you need to turn around then it is not far down and not too difficult to navigate. Lucy had no problems with this first trail and Lucy, General Patton, Abby and I hit the summit of  Jackson around 10:30 and we enjoyed some great views from the top on a near perfectly clear day.


Patton don’t eat Mount Washington!


Good boy…


Well Lucy was looking great and still had some energy left in her so I asked Abby how she felt about getting Pierce as well. It is about two and a half miles from Jackson and the trail takes you past the Mizpah hut. It was there we decided to take lunch.


A look back at Jackson.


This break is brought to you by Moat mountain because it weighs less and carries more and tastes best…


Lucy is starting to get tired. Hang in there girl we are almost there.


Patton is not tired at all…


After our lunch break we felt great heading over to Pierce. On the way there was a great look out spot where we took another stop and enjoyed views of Chocorua, Carrigain and other southern White mountains. We made our way for the summit and arrived in good time around 1:30.  There was a very large group on the way and another dog behind us that Patton decided not to like so we made haste to the Crawford Path.


Another look back to Jackson with Carrigain further back.



DSC00952      It was good we were able to make a quick exit off the mountain down the Crawford path because Lucy was showing signs of sleepiness. As we made our way down the trail of her namesake Lucy sported a grin as she moved her tired body in and around the rocks on the trail. We made it back to the car around 4 with two 4000 footers on the day.  It was a great day for a hike and it was a great first hike for Lucy. Patton had a blast and it was great to get back out with Abby on the trails. Patton did not end up eating mount washington but he did get into some more mischief. He gets to cross one more off of his list as he grabbed Pierce last month. Abby is up to 29 on her list and both of these count on my grid for September. I have to do up the totals overall so expect them soon.


Another trip in the books!


Check out the rest of the pictures HERE.




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