Owls Head – Trip Report


7:50A- 3:20P 

Lincoln Woods Tr, Franconia Brook Tr, Lincoln Brook Tr, Owl’s Head Path (Out&Back)

18.2 Miles

Making his way out again this weekend Josh met Patton and I at Lincoln woods in order to take the hike to Owl’s Head. The morning was brisk as I made a cup of coffee on the camp stove. The weather was looking a bit more overcast than I was expecting. Either way it would make for a good day to do so much walking. We started out Jogging down Lincoln woods to make time. I decided to wear trail runners for the first time even on a hike and on this stretch I was glad I did. We quickly started to warm up as we reached Franconia Brook. Slowing down as we hit Lincoln Brook we made our way over the first of the water crossings. The water was low enough to easily get across and we made our to the next of the four crossings on this trip. This one was low as well, but my trail runners grip failed me and I got some wet feet early. Changing over my socks and moving on we made for the Owl’s Head path.


Watch out for the cairn that signifies the start of the Owl’s Head path off of the Lincoln Brook trail. Some have been know to miss it.

The slide is always a good time though today we were in the hazy fog. This part was a bit tougher in the shoes I chose but we made our way gingerly up the slide to the top of the mountain. It gets kind of tight up top so keep a mind to the trail. It is a bit of a walk from the top of the slide to the cairn that signifies the top. No views no glamor just great hiking to get this one off of the list.



Patton and I had a blast on our long trek into the wilderness. I believe Josh enjoyed himself as well. We made great time out and we were out with time to spare on the day. After the hike we made our way to Haystack rd. for the night to rest for day two. I did not get too many pictures of this trip as we were trying to keep time. The good ones I got follow here.

DSC01039 DSC01040 DSC01037DSC01043 DSC01050

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