North and South Twin – Trail Report


7:45A – 1:40P

North Twin Trail, North Twin Spur (Out&Back)

11.8 Miles

After our day with Owl’s Head General Patton and I found ourselves on Haystack rd camping out with a friend for the evening. Since the camp was so close to the trailhead I decided to do the twins for the second time while I was out there. So before bed I set us up for a quick breakfast and went to sleep in car exhausted from the days hike. On waking up I had to talk myself into not sleeping more and make way for the trailhead.

About 7:30 I arrived at the trailhead that still had plenty of parking spots. Patton and I started right away. The beginning of this trail has 3 water crossings but if you stay to the left of the river you only have to do one of them. There is a trail that you can follow and most people take this way. The water crossing at the end is low enough for an easy rock hop as well.


After the water crossing the trail makes its way up gradually for a few miles. We put our heads down and trooped it on up the mountain. The weather was great though it was cloudy. When we made the first lookout of North twin we could not see anything so we just kept on to the summit. Once reaching the summit we decided not to stop here either and go to South Twin and hopefully get some views on the way back. On we went.


There was not a soul on South Twin. Patton and I had a snack and I had a beer to celebrate the summit. Another group with a dog came along and the dog sneaked up on Patton so he started barking at him I had to break them up. The dog then came back for more making Patton get defensive again. I apologised for Patton’s behavior when I realised that he was on a leash and the other dog was not and that I really did not have anything to apologise for as the other owner clearly could not control his dog. Natural reaction for me I guess to apologise whenever Patton gets aggresive, but I imagine it is a tough spot for him as he is always on a leash and the other dogs I see on the trail are not. Word of advise, if your dog does not listen to you when called then your dog should be on a leash. Just my opinion, but I feel that as a dog owner it is my responsibility to keep my dog well behaved. After that excitement we packed up and made our way back. Here are some of the views on the way back down.


North Twin looking from South Twin.


Patton still looking for the other dog.


North Twin outlook


outlook from the rock face just before North Twin.

We ran down and finished in a personal record time. On the way down I found the start of the fire wardens trail to Mount Hale and I was tempted to add it on, but the weekend was growing short and I needed to get home so it will have to wait for another day. Here is a picture of the trail start to the fire wardens trail.


Keep an eye out for the signs of the trail on the bushwack side of the river. Notice the tree in the middle of the trail. 

With this weekends hike I am at 97 total peaks and I am nearly done my second round with only 12 summits remaining. I have done 55 on the year. Great times in the mountains and the leaves are just starting to change making the landscape more beautiful than ever!

All the pictures of the day can be found here.

3 thoughts on “North and South Twin – Trail Report

  1. I’ve never had the S Twin summit to myself but I do love the views up there!

    You are spot on about dogs btw. If you do not have complete voice control over them they should always be leashed on trail. Some people get that but a lot of other folks are too selfish to even notice the problems their dogs cause. I always make a point of saying thanks to the ones who keep theirs under control because they seem to be the exception.

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