Adams – Trip Report


Mt. Adams 5,793 ft

Valley Way, Star Lake Trail, Air Line

8:30A – 5:45P (9h15M)

9 Miles 

This week with the promises of foliage we set out Saturday night with three of us and the two dogs. Abby and I brought our roommate Colleen out with us for the adventure that first brought us to our camp on Gale River rd. Here we made ourselves comfy and fit with a fresh dinner and a warming fire. It was early to bed though as we had our fill and were quite tired from the days activities. Lucy Crawford was happy as could be with Patton on her first camping trip and the two were inseparable for most of the trip. DSC01129 DSC01130 - Copy

DSC01132 - CopyDSC01131 - Copy

In the morning we made coffee and packed up camp. From Gale River we drove to Appalachia. The foliage along the way was breathtaking. We could not have had better weather to hike in as well. The day looked to be near perfect and there was a mist on the mountains we saw in the distance. Once we arrived we grabbed our gear and made our way up Valley Way towards the Madison hut. It was the final day of the hut being open and the care takers were all cleaning the floors. We resupplied our water and made our way around the back side of Adams via the Star Lake Tr. The foliage scenes on the mountains sides were amazing.


Once on the Star Lake trail we made our way steadily up Adams. The trail is steep and rocky, but not too difficult. There were a couple of steep sections where both my dogs needed boosts. Not an issue though and they made their way up fairly easily. After about an hour or so we made our way from the hut to the summit of Adams. For some reason when Patton sees another dog with Lucy, Patton becomes very territorial and barks at length. I am trying to train him out of this but I have not had much luck yet. All day Patton has been very aggressive towards other dogs and this made our day together very difficult. That and how Lucy is still very new to hiking made a long day with my dogs. I still love bringing them hiking though I doubt other folks see their cute nature when Patton is freaking out. Hopefully time will fix this problem. At the summit we all relaxed and had lunch. Patton did not want to stop and made this fact known the entirety of the time up top. We had a celebratory Sam Adams Octoberfest for the hard trek to the top. DSC01169


Me, Abby, Colleen, and the dogs on top!

DSC01171 DSC01179 DSC01192

After our little rest a top of Adams we decided to call it a day as little Lucy was visibly starting to get tired. We made our way down the Air Line towards the car. It was an amazing hike down the mountain with the fall foliage. We took our time on this hike and enjoyed much of the day on the mountain side. The trails are still in tip top shape and if the weather holds on like this there will still be lots of great weekends of hiking left in this fall.

DSC01187 DSC01186

DSC01226 DSC01228 DSC01230DSC01239

For the rest of the pictures check out HERE.

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