Cabot – Trip Report


The Horn 3,905 Ft, The Bulge 3920 Ft, Mt. Cabot 4,170 Ft

Unknown Pond, Kilkenny Ridge, The Horn Spur (Out&Back) 

(4:00P- 6:30P)(7:45A-9:45A) 4.5 hours

10.6 Miles

It was supposed to rain fairly well on Saturday. Said so all week in the reports. With that in mind I wanted to stay below tree line and work on my second round of the 48. Great weekend for the Pilot range. Cabot has a cabin on top and there should be no one out there right? Well with that said I talked with a friend and we agreed to meet up there. So General Patton and I packed up later on Saturday night and made our way up there. Here we go.


Its late fall now in the mountains. Leaves make for a slippery time. Be careful on the trails.


Its starting to rain.

DSC_0525 DSC_0531


The stick marker on the summit of Cabot is gone 😦 I wonder if this is another mountain marker theft?


This is the marker this past January.

This time of year it can get wet and cold very quickly up there. Bring waterproof layers and warm cloths for the summits. Once we got to Unknown pond it started to rain. I pulled out my umbrella and moved to the horn. I failed to get any pictures of this as the weather made it hard to take any good shots. I only had my phone as I forgot my camera at home. Oh well. We got to the cabin and when we did there were 11 others there with another dog, Ringo. A fantastic dog. Patton got along well till the morning with Ringo in was fun. Together the Cabot Cabin Crew had a famous evening as we celebrated 4 48 finishers. It was indeed one of the best nights out in memory. Any of you folks that were there that night please comment below! We all slept well that night in the warm cabin heated with so many peoples heat. Patton helped me as well as he sneaked into my sleeping bag.


Inside the cabin from my hike there this past winter.


The Next day we made haste back to the car parked back at Mill pond rd. The goal was to meet up with my friend Christophe who was one of the previous nights 11 at Waumbek parking lot. It was almost 8.


The weather was clearing up and the rain was gone, but the leaves were still wet.


Much better view today as we stopped at Unknown pond for water.




Taking in the views…

We finished just before 10. It was a quick out hike and I did not get to many shots of this hike, but it was a great time out in the woods. All the folks involved helped make it one to remember. The Horn and the Bulge are on the New England hundred highest peaks list as well. We now would drive back through Lancaster on our way to the other side of the range to hike Waumbek. Check out the next report on Mt. Waumbek and Mt. Starr King to see the rest of the weekend on the Pilot range!


The whole of the Pilot range in the clouds.

12 thoughts on “Cabot – Trip Report

  1. Was an awesome night up at Cabot Cabin! so glad to meet so many awesome hikers. You’ve got an awesome website here Brent. Will definitly be viewing a bunch.

  2. Hey Brent! Sweet site! Serena and I really enjoyed chilling with you, Patton, and the rest of the team. Thanks for celebrating our completion of the 48 with us! That was truly an epic night in the cabin. Count me in on future trips. I hope you’ll come check our hostel out once we’re up and running. Hit me up on email or FB at Same goes for anyone else who was there!


  3. Hey Brent awesome site i’m glad I checked it out! Curtis and I were definitely worried about who else would be staying at the cabin and we couldn’t have found a chiller group! Hope to see you all out in the whites sometime in the future!

  4. Legendary to say the least. I’m thinking we should have a round 2 sometime in the winter somewhere. Maybe then we will remember to take a group photo… Just a thought.

  5. Wow! 11 People and two dogs! That must have been some night! We had weather like yours when we did Cabot (May 2013 – #44), but it was just the two of us. We liked that little cabin. Sounds like all of you did, too.

  6. Brent, super sweet site! My bro Christophe who got me on this trip told me to check it out before! Been out of the hiking loop for some time, and the only infortunate part is trying to duplicate an incredible trip like that again! Met so many awesome people at the cabin, and on the trail! Glad to share in such an epic night with the 48ers, and thank you all for making my return to hiking so much fun! Can’t wait to get back out there again!

  7. Heya all. I was reading some Views of the Shire trip reports and noticed that a bunch of the Cabot Cabin Baggers had posted here. It was truly a great time all, even beyond all the haziness we caused in that tiny cabin. And I agree, we’ll have to have a reunion and take a group photo as well. Grats on everyone who completed their NH 48 4K Footers once again.

    ““Because in the end, you won’t remember the time you spent working in the office or mowing your lawn. Climb that goddamn mountain.” – Jack Kerouac

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