North and South Kinsman – Trip Report


North Kinsman 4,293 Ft & South Kinsman 4,358 Ft

Fishin’ Jimmy Trail, Kinsman Ridge Trail (Out&Back)

1:30A – 6:30P 

10 Miles

Worked on Friday until 9:30 when I went home, packed, and headed to the mountains. I had to leave the pups at home because of the late nights and cold temps. My good hiking friend Jason posted about hiking the Kinsmans and I went to meet up with him. I got to the Lafayette campground parking about 1AM. We started hiking shortly after that. Jason was trying to convince me to go all the way to Cannon with him and I was eager to try but I knew it would take a lot just to get to the Kinsman’s.

DSC01252The trail to lonesome lake is moderately steep but pretty strait and to the point. We made it up quickly. We stopped in the lonesome lake hut for a drink of water. I would have loved to have grabbed the hut pin but no one was awake to sell it to me. Better luck next time. Once we departed the hut we made way easily to the junction of the kinsman ridge. The trail is still very easy to navigate but it is hard to tell for how long. The temps were fairly low on the summit ridge and we had windbreakers on to cover ourselves from the wind. Not much to report on this hike. We reached both summits in good time. I had to part ways with Jason as he made his way over to Cannon. I just didn’t have it in me. I regret not going now, but at the time I felt like I just wouldn’t have the energy. I made the trip back to the parking lot alone. I was back to the car around 6:30 where I passed out for a few hours before getting up and driving to Appalachia for the second part of my hiking day. Here is the rest of the pictures I got. DSC01264

DSC01267 DSC01266

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