Hale – Trip Report


Mt. Hale 4,054F

Hale Brook Trail (Out&Back)


4.4 miles

Patton and I drove up to the mountains Saturday night with hopes of doing a night hike of Hale.  When I got up the White mountain area it was raining fairly well. I did not feel too good about night hiking with Patton in the rain. He is a short haired dog and I always worry about him getting cold. Perhaps I am a bit over protective of my fur baby, but we decided to go to bed and try it in the morning. 7AM it was still spotting outside, but it had slowed down and by the time I prepared my bag it had just about stopped.



DSC01440The trail was a bit wet from the rain, but it was a great morning for a hike. This trail is strait forward and there is only one bend in it as it climbs up the side of the mountain. The 2.2 miles up is a constant grade but it is not difficult by and means. There are a couple of water crossings along the brook, but they are easily passable. The only real worry I see in the coming months is a downed tree near the summit that is easily passed under now, but might not be so when the snow accumulates so keep this in mind.
DSC01450As you might know Hale is a wooded summit and there are very few views at all of the local ranges. That is why this hike is a great addition to your hiking schedule if it is raining outside or if it is cloudy. Patton and I reached the summit in about an hour where we took a couple of pictures before quickly making our way down. The idea was to go to ferncroft and hike Passaconaway and Whiteface. The drive over is about an hour and a half so we needed to get out of there fast.


The weather started clearing up a bit as we drove south. On the way to Ferncroft on Rt. 16 we got these great shots of the Moat mountain area.

DSC01455 DSC01453DSC01456For part two of the day read the Whiteface, Passaconaway report that follows.

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