Whiteface, Passaconaway – Trip Report


Whiteface 4,020FT / Passaconaway 4,043FT

Blueberry Ledge, Rollins Trail, Dicey’s Mill

11:30A – 5:00P

11.2 miles

After our first hike that morning of Hale Patton and I drove from Hale brook to Ferncroft and the second hike of our day. The weather had improved greatly and though it was raining when we arrived the sun was also shining over the peaks of the mountains to the North. DSC01460

With no time wasted we started hiking. The trail was wet so if you are hiking in this kind of stuff I recommend Gore-Tex and gaiters, but everyone feels differently about gear so find what works for you.


“Does that mean us daddy?”

The first part of the hike to where the ledges begin were nothing really exciting. It was easy to stay cool so I was able to make good time and we were on top of the ledges about 1:00P where I had a beer. Moat Mountains Oktoberfest again, I just love them. We arrived at the summit around 2. DSC01472

DSC01477DSC01474 DSC01476


THe ledges were wet and fairly slippery. Take good care if you ever go this route after rain. Though I had to help Patton up at one point he was able to get up the rocks with little problems when he found a good route.

DSC01481 DSC01482 DSC01483 DSC01485DSC01486

The ledges offered some decent views. The day was still cloudy from passing rain storms. The main outlook was a bust for the entirety of the beer I enjoyed. The lower ledges offered these scenes.

DSC01478 DSC01480 DSC01472 DSC01474 DSC01475 DSC01476 DSC01477

After the summit we kept going on the Rollins path for a loop hike to Passaconaway. I have never taking the trail to connect these two mountains so I was excited to do a new trail on my red-line. At this point the north wind was really cold and we made quick time to the junction below the Passaconaway summit. On the way I met two younger boys who were hiking and when we stopped to talk they told me about how they were training for the AT. I never see boys this young out on the trails alone, and it made me happy to see such outgoing dedication to a goal. They patted Patton and we went on our way. Just up from the Junction there is a very nice camp site worth making a note of. I did not check it our but there was a sign for a toilet too so I assume it is an established site. I would like to come back here in the future and spend the night.


It gets a bit steep from here and we made it to the top around 3. Patton and I waited on the closest outlook to the summit. I had another beer for the occasion. The clouds had also rolled back in so the views were not really open to me at the time. It was getting cold. It was time to move on. We made for the Dicey Mill trail and started jogging out of the woods. Patton loves to get a good run going. Met some great groups of folks on the way out while we made great time. The hike was a mix of clouds and sun and there was a great feel all around the woods that day. These mountains bring me to 47 of the 48 for my second round. Only Jefferson remains. Here are the remainder of the pictures from the trip!



Let sleeping dogs lie.

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