Hancock & South Hancock – Trip Report


South Hancock 4,319 Ft, Hancock 4,420 Ft

Hancock Notch Tr, Cedar brook Tr, Hancock Loop Tr

12:15P – 4:30P 

9.8 Miles

After our Kinsman’s hike I had some soup I warmed up and put into a thermos for lunch with a hard boiled egg. A package of crackers and a gatorade. I was at the Hancock parking area. I looked at Patton and asked

“Are you ready to go again?”

He was already standing in the back seat of the car tail wagging. I should not of even asked. I grabbed my bag and added some food and a beer the summit and away we go! This hike is a good bit of hiking into the steep incline going up to the ridge line. We went up south and down Hancock. DCIM100GOPRODCIM100GOPRO


After the Cedar Brook junction I ran into a friend of mine Mike. We stopped and spoke for a moment. He had spent to night on top of Hancock a short ways from the summit. He had said it was cold. I believe him when he says so… We parted ways with Mike while a few parties passed us. On to the Hancock loop.


Going up South is Steep, but I would rather go up than down a steep incline anyways. It was a bit icy but I did not use spikes at all this hike. It was actually perfect conditions. After a grueling uphill we made it to the top and I got some great pictures.



On the ridge we passed a group of two with a lovely dog. Patton said a quick hello butt sniff and on we went. This hike was not difficult and the snow was well packed. Still no need for spikes. I found the camping spot of my friend a ways off the trail towards the summit. Once on the summit I had a beer and got some of the best views of the weekend.


Nothing like an Iron Mike on the summits!


Perfect time to be on the summit. It started to get cold being at a stop so I packed up. Patton was ready to go as ever and was soon pulling me down the mountain like so many times before. I was really happy to be finishing up the day. Patton and I did really well with around 19 miles of hiking under our belt for the day. We it back to the car just around sundown making for another really good time. We would now make our way to Pinkham notch for our sunday on the Wildcat’s. That night I enjoyed a couple of 4000 footer’s from Woodstock Inn while I made Patton and I a hearty trail dinner. I had stew and a cup of soup a couple of eggs and a clif bar. I fell asleep early. It was a great day.


3 thoughts on “Hancock & South Hancock – Trip Report

  1. Nice running into you on the trail. Yes, it was 17-18 degrees on the summit most of the night. Time to move up to the heavier winter bag and tent! I had a fine sunset as the clouds cleared when I arrived Friday night, but it was windy all night and the clouds moved in quickly. A few stars at night turned into overcast most of Saturday. Hope to run into you in the mountains again, but at 19 miles a day you hike MUCH fater than I do. Maybe we can plan to take different routes somewhere and camp in the same place.

    Mike Bromberg

  2. I think we should pick a day this winter to get a small crowd (similar to cabot crew) to hike out into somewhere desolate and camp for a night!

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