Wildcat & Wildcat D – Trip Report


Wildcat 4,422 Ft & Wildcat D 4,062

19 Mile Brook, Wildcat Ridge Trail (Out&Back) 

7:45A -2:15P

12 Miles

We were sleeping when it started raining. It rained all night. I woke up and checked the weather which told me it would stop early. We woke up at 7, and it was still raining. I started making breakfast. I had some coffee and started the car. While I was making oatmeal the rain stopped. We got geared up and I put 2 beers into my pack. Woodstock Inn’s 4000 footer IPA. Only seemed right as we finished General Patton’s NH 48 list! Among the wet leaves we started out our hike in no particular rush.DSC01779

DCIM100GOPRODCIM100GOPRO DSC01780 DCIM100GOPROIn the first few miles I put on my microspikes because the rain had made every bit of ice especially slippery. We moved past the Carter Dome trail and towards the Carter Hut. We passed a few groups on the way who had spent the night in the hut. We were going to go there ourselves in order to get my final hut pin I had been collecting. At the hut we met the caretaker and many came to pet Patton. He was in all his glory. The views around Carter Lake were stunning.

DCIM100GOPRO DSC01786 DSC01790


After the break at the hut it was time for the heavy part of the day. Getting to Wildcat A from the notch is no easy task. It is a tough .7 to the top. Heavy elevation gains, but still better than going up from Glen Ellis area. It was a hard go but we made it up. When we got there the clouds were still heavy. Not to worry, maybe there will be a view on the way back. We kept going for Wildcat D. It was a bit heavy walking in the warmer day with all the ice melting off of the trees and onto me. By the time we got there I was soaked. We changed up and celebrated Patton’s 48! Again with heavy clouds for views…At least I had a beer to celebrate with…

DSC01798 DSC01801

We doubled back across the Wildcat range. I was a fine hike back. To my surprise the view point on A mountain wa clear ad we got these fantastic views from the top. It was a perfect cap to the wonderful day. DSC01805

DSC01818DSC01820 DSC01819

The whole way down I could not help but feel very proud for my guy. We have share so many adventures together and far more to come but today I feel it was a special day for Patton and I. The weekend was a killer at around 31 miles. Patton was full of energy the whole time and not once did I doubt his ability. He is the best hiking dog a guy could ask for ever. With this hike I am at 77 for the year and 119 lifetime. It was one of the best weekends of hiking to date. But then again any time in the mountains is well spent… See you next trip!



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