East Osceola – Trip Report


East Osceola 4,156Ft

Greeley Ponds, Osceola Trail (Out&Back)

3:30PM – 7:30PM

5.6 Miles

I was really tired from my first hike. I went into Lincoln and got some food. I ate on the way to the Greenly Ponds trailhead. I had never been this way up the Osceola’s so I would get another redline done too. I was still really tired but the day was getting on and I did not have time to take a nap if I wanted to see anything under any sort of sunlight. On we go.


Early on the way up I passed many groups of folks finishing their day. Many asked,

“Are you starting now? I hope you have a headlight.”

To which I always responded,

“Yes I actually have two. With extra batteries.”

They looked at me puzzled but kindly. They knew I was a peak bagger. We get out when we can whenever we can. Day or night. I am barely a peakbagger, but I am always trying to push myself to do more miles and bag more peaks. All while taking in the fantastic sights in nature. After my previous hike of Flume, which was a great hike, but fell short of my lofty goals. I wanted to add something else to my totals for the day. The trail into Osceola was well traveled by the days hikers. Perhaps too well. I put on microspikes to prevent myself from slipping. The Osceola trail from Greeley Pond is steep. Take great care on this trail. It was getting dark and the stars were coming out in the clear evening sky. Upward in the dark with my head lamp ablaze. This kind of hike does not afford many pictures but I highly recommend it as the slides on the trail offer gret vies on a clear night. I made the summit and had a beer.


I found these 1 pint Moat mountain’s at Glen Beverage at the junction of 302 and 16. Perfect for a summit beer!


I was tired, real tired. I could have gone on. Maybe I should have. On the way up I met 2 guys who went over to the summit of Osceola. They said they did it without snowshoes and only microspikes. I saw their tracks onward and had no reason to believe otherwise. On the way down I stopped at an open spot on the slide and turned my light off. I could see the whole of the sky with a massive showing of stars. In the distance I could see the red and clear lights of the cars on the Kancamagus. I had a pipe while I took in the sights with the near silence in nature only found in the evening on the mountains in nature. It was a fantastic hike. I turned my light on and made my way down. When I finished I was the last car in the parking lot. Great way to finish out the amazing day of hiking.

DSC01867 DSC01872



2 thoughts on “East Osceola – Trip Report

  1. Wow! East Osceola under the stars! I’ve read many accounts of night hikes, but never the Osceolas. Must have been beautiful beyond belief.

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