Tecumseh – Trip Report


Tecumseh 4,003FT

Mt Tecumseh Trail (Out&Back)

1:00PM – 3:00PM

5 miles

On this last minute hike Lucy and I take a perfect snow filled trail highway up to the summit in record time. In just over an hour Lucy and I work up to the summit with no need for any sort of traction or assistance. We could have just brought a water bottle and a camera. It was a straightforward and easy hike with some great payoff views on the summit. Great way to finish out our weekend. 

We were on 93 south after our Cannon hike. the clouds were socked in around the Kinsman range but the skies were blue all around me. The sun pierced my eyes. It was beautiful out. I felt I had made the wrong choice about ending my hike on the Kinsman range. i had to get one more for the weekend. Thank goodness for Tecumseh. This easy to hike mountain can turn an ok weekend into a winner and that was my goal. I quickly got somethings together. I asked Lucy if she was good to go. She was already standing and waiting to leave.The days are shorter now and the sun will not wait. Lets Hurry I said. DSC02021


Before I knew it we were at the lookout on the slope. We stopped for a moment and took some shots, but I was on a mission and away we went. I passed the last group of folks on the trail. I made quickly pass them making for the summit.

“You still have a ways to go.” One of them said.

“I know thank you.” I said moving onward.

The blue skies above and the sunshine flashing through the trees were all the motivation I needed. I was on the ridge in great time and almost at the summit. We were making great time. We arrived at the summit in about an hour and twenty minutes. The best time I had ever tracked this hike. The summit offered fantastic rewards. I stopped the track and took in the views with a beer.  DSC02027DSC02033

DSC02035 DSC02040 DSC02041DSC02052DSC02039DSC02044

Once I was all packed up I turned my track back on and away we went. Lucy and I were jogging easily down the snow packed trail. It felt great. We flew down the gentle slope. It would have made a great sledding adventure as well if I were so inclined. At one point while running I listened to the sound of the stream beside me mixed with the sound of my feet in the snow as I ran. It formed a kind of symphony in my mind, and I knew at that composition I had found a pure moment of existence that can only be found in the moments in between the distractions that we voluntarily accrew. The moment where the melted snow drop melts off the pine only to freeze in a teardrop at its tips. I want to live in that moment. Always.


In total Lucy and I got 4 peaks on 3 hikes for around 21 miles. Great start to Lucy’s hiking career! She is now at 7 4000 footers…

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