What Have I been Doing?

It has been a busy couple of years for certain… Couldn’t tell around here though. Here is a great article in the AMC’s Outdoor magazine that will explain the wonderful place I have been working for the past 2 years. Camp Dodge!

Here is the view I had everyday. It was a real pleasure…



Lucy as always ready to hike!

Working with the AMC has been quite rewarding for me. I have found something that I like to do that also works with the lifestyle I have come to love. It has taken time to readjust my balances of work and recreation, but the transition has been well worth it. Working in trails specifically has given me an insight into the best nature of what the AMC and more importantly the employees is trying to do, and that is to preserveĀ the best places in our world. This can sometimes get lost in the other arms of such a multifaceted organization.

It has been a fantastic couple of years in the White mountains at camp Dodge. Looking forward these times will always hold a special place in my mind and heart. I personally thank the many amazing people who have been a part of this fantastic story. You all know who you are. There are many chapters yet to be written and it is never too late to get involved in the story.

Get out and give back!

For more information on Volunteering for the AMC please go HERE.

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