Mount Pierce

Meet Madison Osgood.


Madison is a 2 year old Australian Cattle dog, and today is her first 4000 footer hike in New Hampshire.

We left the house in Gorham at around six to go to the store and get supplies. By the time we started hiking in Crawford notch it was a little after 8:00. The trail was a perfect packed solid walk way. I wore only micro spikes to keep from possibly slipping on some slick snow though there seemed to be no threat of that. A dream surface for certain.

We hiked up the Crawford path until a short hike up the AT for the summit of Pierce.  We quickly made our way down as the North West wind had quite a chill on it and Madison does not have the thick coat like Lucy does. All in all the hike took less than 3 hours and we only saw four other people. Great day to be out on the trail.


DSC00001.JPGDSC00009.JPGDSC00008.JPGDSC00005.JPGDSC00007.JPGEnd result.JPG

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