Hiking Resources

Here are some other fantastic hiking blogs and forums that are around for more information. Please check them out and support local hiking.

Jason Morse’s Trail Journal – Jason Morse hikes with me often , but he is taking some time away from the Shire in order to hike the whole of the Appalachian trail. Follow his fantastic adventure through his blog!

Such Great Heights – Rachel Kowalsky and her adorable K9 companion Isis write about their adventure in the mountains. Follow their story and get the mountain news.

DMOutdoors – Dan McGuinness is always on an amazing adventure. Some of them of a more extreme nature. Lots of peaks and big miles are an every hike affair. Follow his trips in many different settings through his blog.

Trail to Summit– Follow Allison Nadler on her adventures on the trails in this wonder and insightful blog about hiking in the North East and many other locations.

Section Hiker– With gear reviews and regular trip reports Section Hiker is a great blog to keep in your rotation for your hiking needs.

Hike-NH -A helpful and friendly forum on hiking in all of New Hampshire.

New England Trail Conditions – A great site for trail reports which are made using a similar template for easy interpretation.

VFTT – Views from the Top is a great forum on hiking in many different locations including New Hampshire.

TrailsNH – Perhaps one of my favorite sites, TrailsNH compiles reports from all of the forums and blogs on an interactive map of whatever area you are looking to explore.


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