Moosilauke – Trip Report


Mt. Moosilauke 4,802 Ft, Mt. Blue 4,529 Ft

Beaver Brook Trail (Out&Back)

9:00P – 10A 

8 miles

I had to leave the col of Jefferson. It was 5:00P and I was supposed to meet my friend Natalie at McDonalds in Lincoln for 8. I had to hurry too. I made it there about 8:05P

“Lets get started tonight and make camp up the mountain.”  I suggested.

So we did. After two previous hikes I would be lying if I said I was not exhausted. Up we went in the darkness along side the waterfalls along side the Beaver brook trail.

DSC01311 DSC01312DSC01314

A short way after the shelter we found a great place to get a couple hours sleep. We set up camp and I quickly fell a sleep.


Great camp site

My alarm went off at 4 and we packed up camp and were moving for the summit by 4:30. It was overcast, windy, and very cold. We decided to summit anyways. We reached the clearing a little early so we stayed back below tree line to have some breakfast before we made for the summit. DSC01319

DSC01322 DSC01316DSC01320

Funny thing about it though was that when we reached the top we were not alone. There were at least twenty college boys with ply wood, drills, and many beers in tow. They seemed to be trying to play beer pong and it was quite a site. I had honestly never seen anything like it.

DSC01323 DSC01318So there was no sunrise, but there was a new sight and a summit of Moosilauke. We made our way down. As we made our way I notice the trail cairn for mount Blue so I decided to get that summit too. There are a few lists it counts on including the Trailwrights 72.


The cairn for Mt. Blue.


And that was about it. We made our way down and got some great views from the falls. We finished the hike around 10A. Here are some of the pictures form the way down.

DSC01342 DSC01348 DSC01352 DSC01355 DSC01339 DSC01340

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