Isolation – Trip Report


Mt. Isolation 4,003Ft

Rocky Branch, Isolation Trail, Davis Path

8:00AM – 2:45PM

14.2 Miles

Bringing my friend Josh along for a hike because I knew he likes long hikes and going fast we started out the day from Rocky Branch parking lot around 8. General Patton was along for the chilly morning hike in hopes of getting number 44 of his 48. There were a few other groups ahead of us on the trails. The hike starts at a gradual incline for a couple miles before leveling out just before the river crossings.

DSC01673 DSC01674DSC01679DSC01680

The water crossings were not too bad based on the route taken. The rocks are icy though so if you have micro spikes or something comparable you might want to put them on to assist your crossing. There was more snow today then on the previous days hike. In total I would say 3 or so inches in places. With more on the way this report should be aided by the newest weather reports available.

We traveled the river section quickly and of the 5 crossings only one was of any worry.

DSC01689 DSC01685 DSC01687 DSC01688

After the water crossings we ran into Bob and his two beautiful dogs. He had and Aussie Shepard and a Cattle dog. It was a pleasure to meet another grid hiker so deep into his grid. Best of luck onward! Once we got closer to Davis path it got substantially colder. We quickened the pace to stay warm. Patton was starting to feel it after the wet paws in the water crossings now mixed with the deep cold. I had to keep him moving. Just before the summit I put on my down. Luckily the wind was not bad here and we had a beer to celebrate. I highly recommend the Baxter extra pale ale. Delicious. DSC01694


DSC01695DSC01696 DSC01698DSC01700 DSC01707 DSC01709

Patton was really starting to get cold it was time to go. We made quick time off the mountain. We got down with little worry though I did fall into a water crossing up to my knee. Thank goodness for gore tex and gaiters. We met a friend who had gone Glen boulder and down Rocky branch and gave him a ride back to his car before taking the group of us to Moat for brews and food. It was a great hike and with this hike Patton is only 4 away from his patch at 44 total! See you all next hike!DSC01711DSC01712


A lovely view of Washington from the parking lot.

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