Tecumseh – Trip report

Date: 07/16/2014

Location: Mount Tecumseh Trail (Out&Back)

Start/Finish: 12:25 AM – 6:20 AM

Mileage: 5

Weather: Rain and scattered thunder showers.

Trail Log:  It is no surprise that I am doing another night hike today. This time of year I feel you just can’t beat the advantages of hiking at night. Less heat, people, and distractions. I do miss the views, but I doubt the weather would have allowed many today anyways. It was my first time flying solo for a night though so I was a bit on edge. 

This weekend I have other obligations that will keep me off the mountains so my intentions are to hike today and Friday night. It just so happens to be raining today, but I can not be choosy this week, I have to hike. When I got to the parking lot of Waterville Valley I saw a fox run in front of my vehicle. “Already with the wild life tonight.” I though to myself. 

             I got on some rain gear grabbed my bag and opened an umbrella as I started down the trail. I decided to listen to some music in order to focus my mind away from that things that were not there but my mind felt COULD be there. I feel this worked really well for me. 

07/160/2014 VOTS

Ma ma! It’s Dark!

It was a very uneventful sprint to the top of the mountain in the rain. I still enjoyed it as I was over tired but able to stay cool in the rain. I feel as though it went by fairly quick. The Water crossings were still very manageable even in the rain. The gully you see on the map ahead is the last reliable water source though so keep this in mind for day hikes. 

Tecumseh accent

Tecumseh Accent

 Once on the top I quickly set up a shelter and the hammock to get a couple of hours of sleep before the sunrise and my descent for an early return home. I had a really sweet set up I thought for such a quick run. 

07/16/2014 VOTS

My quick summit shelter as seen in the day light.

When my eyes were finally used to the darkness around me I could make out the silhouette of the tripyramids in the distance. They were surrounded by thick fog and clouds and there was lightning from even further away illuminating the clouds. I fell asleep and did not wake again until my alarm woke me at sunrise.

07/16/2014 VOTS

And this is what I got…


07/16/2014 VOTS

And a raging case of hammock head…


 I have been spoiled as of late with the sunrise shots anyways. Go back and check out the previous logs about these hikes. Not today. I packed up camp quickly and started jogging my way down. Nothing more to see here today. At least I got my July Tecumseh hike done.





Best view of the day!


tecumseh Descent

Slightly off because I forgot to start tracking right away.

After all that I was soaked. Luckily I had brought a spare set of clothes. I changed up and started driving home. I managed to make it home to Patton and Abby before 8. Now that is what I call a productive night!

07/16/2014 VOTS

Drowned but not dampened!

Camping: I did notice a few spots but I imagine anyone would not have much trouble finding a suitable spot around this are if there is interest. 

Dog Notes: I did not bring Patton because of the lightning concerns. I encourage all pet owners to consider this when attempting night hikes in scattered thunderstorms. Every dog is different and I have not worked with Patton on this yet. Another time for sure. 

Difficulty: 6/10 Not very hard at all. The rain is the only real factor on this hike this time of year. 

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